Paradise Lost: New Worst Fire Ever in CA

Dear Friends, Until now, I have been too numb, too shocked, to write about the Camp Fire, the most devastating fire that California has ever seen. On Thursday November 8, 2018, within eight hours, a wild, speedway fire engulfed, gulped down, and swallowed nearly a town called Paradise, a community of 27,000 people about 90 miles away from us here in Redding. Imagine what it … Continue reading Paradise Lost: New Worst Fire Ever in CA

I-5 closed again, but Fire is 24% Contained

Current Situation (as of 9/13, 6 p.m.):  59,915 Acres 24% Contained 3,264 Personnel 17 Structures Destroyed 9/13 Evening Summary: Today, firefighters had success in constructing fireline directly along the fire’s perimeter along the northern, western, and southern edges of the fire. Aircraft assisted with fire activity on the west side of Interstate 5. The fire passed through unburned fuels within containment lines on the northeastern area … Continue reading I-5 closed again, but Fire is 24% Contained

New Fires Near Redding

Friends, I cannot imagine how extremely tired California firefighters yet must be.  Although the Carr Fire is 100% contained, there are three more active fires near Redding:  the Kerlin fire, the Hirz fire, and the Delta fire. Kerlin Fire is a relatively small wildfire west of Redding in the Trinity Mountains.  It has burned about 1625 acres, but it is almost entirely contained. Hirz Fire is a … Continue reading New Fires Near Redding

Good-Bye Carr Fire

“But the wicked will perish, and the enemies of the Lord will be like the glory of the pastures.  They vanish–like smoke, they vanish away.” With 69% of the Carr fire contained, the smoke here in Redding is dissipating, vanishing away.  Though it hovered over us so oppressively for never-ending hours of over-heated days, the worst of it has perished.  It is finally giving way … Continue reading Good-Bye Carr Fire

Listen How Two Firefighters Died

Late July 2018 is now historically infamous in Redding.  The Carr fire started on July 23rd as a no-threat fire in Whiskeytown that officials thought would be quenched on the same day it began.  But now it’s August 2nd, and the fire has burned through 126,000 acres.  Even with help from 176 fire fighters from Australia and New Zealand, the fire still rages with 65% … Continue reading Listen How Two Firefighters Died

Ninth Worst Fire in Cal History

Dear Friends, As of yesterday the Carr fire ranks as the 9th worst fire in California history. Over 800 homes so far have been devoured along with almost 104,000 acres. And it is now 23% contained. Currently it is mostly burning to the north, but its gigantic dragon puffs and atmospheric layers of particle-filled smoke are blowing to the south, then turning to the east … Continue reading Ninth Worst Fire in Cal History