New Fires Near Redding


I cannot imagine how extremely tired California firefighters yet must be.  Although the Carr Fire is 100% contained, there are three more active fires near Redding:  the Kerlin fire, the Hirz fire, and the Delta fire.

Kerlin Fire is a relatively small wildfire west of Redding in the Trinity Mountains.  It has burned about 1625 acres, but it is almost entirely contained.

Hirz Fire is a wildfire too, burning 28 miles north of Redding.  So far it has consumed over 40,000 acres.  Though it’s been burning now for four days, it is 0% contained — that’s the bad news.  The good news is that fire crews have successfully cleared away tinder-dry brush beyond its leading edge in order to set limits to the fire’s future perimeter.

Since the topography is very steep in that area with lots of canyons and valleys, it’s difficult and impractical for firefighters to assign resources Hirz Fire directly.  Therefore:

Much of the effort has … focused on protecting scattered homes and small communities in the sparsely populated fire zone. Two single-family homes have been destroyed, and two other buildings damaged.

Approximately 150 people were under mandatory evacuation orders in Shasta and Trinity counties . . . Farther north, an evacuation warning was in effect for the town of Dunsmuir, advising some 1,600 residents to be ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

As for Delta fire, it is crazy.  To begin with, its source is human.  Officials are not sure yet if it traces back to an accident.  Or arson.

Though it is burning about 60 miles north of Redding, it has burned about 37,000 acres, is 0% contained, and has wreaked severe havoc because it is literally burning right along both sides of Interstate 5.  A forty-five minute drive’s worth of I-5 is officially closed.  Redding hotels are making money, but many other businesses are losing thousands and thousands of dollars, including the companies who owned the trucks driving on I-5 that were abandoned to the fire at an earlier stage.

Smoke in Redding seems worse now than it was from the Carr fire.  But at least no one else has yet died.

Still, those blessed firefighters and all the decision-makers very much need our prayers.

Oh, for no one’s house in Dunsmuir, Lord, to burn.  We pray for those poor people who just lost their homes to Hirz Fire.  Please send rain, dear God.  Please grant peace, deep sleep, physical and emotional replenishment, and continual hydration to the firefighters  Thank You for all the helicopters, fire engines, and equipment.  We cannot pray hard enough for righteous leaders in the land to make good policy and to do what is right for the people.  

We pray for these fires to keep bringing people to faith.  Thank You for the 226 people whom Samaritan’s Purse here in town–who traveled here voluntarily from all over the United States–said verbally surrendered their lives to Jesus.

In Christ’s Name we pray,





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