White House Involvement Now

Dear Friends,

The Carr fire has attracted the attention of President Trump who has approved the release of federal funding for victims of the Carr fire.

Over the weekend, the Carr spewed out 18 more fires to the north.  Soon the huge conflagration will catch up with them.  You can count them yourself by looking right here.

To the west, the Carr fire reached Trinity Dam Blvd on Saturday, and it’s still flaring to the south as well.  It’s just getting worse and worse at 165,000 acres already burned.

Southwest of us the Mendecino fire exploded into the 2nd worst wildfire in California history and is well on its way to becoming the worst ever.  The Mendecino fire is devouring yet more acres every minute.  Over 275,000 acres are now blackened.

President Trump is saying that poor environmental laws are causing this.  Would these fires have exploded had California used its vast reservoirs of water or cleared out areas to stop fires before they start?  Governor Brown is blaming climate change.  Both Trump and Brown are  “getting hammered.”

As for progress, it’s still happening.  The Carr fire is now 45% contained, and the Mendecino fire 30%.  With 17 major fires still burning across the state, I can only imagine how exhausted the firefighters are.

God, we come to you again with all this news, thanking You for the progress, yet praying still for help, and praising You continually for loving the world so much that You gave Your only begotten Son to offer us Himself and all the restoration of salvation. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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