Oh My Gosh, Watch How the Fire Grew

Dear Friends,

CNN provides a jaw-dropping map of the Carr fire.  They show how it grew from being small and west of Redding to outrageously flooding toward Redding as a huge sea of fire that tried to drown our city.  If you watch the CNN site three or four times, which only takes a matter of seconds, you will be newly enlightened.  To see it, just scroll down a bit after you click here.

Isn’t that telling?

The Carr fire actually quadrupled overnight between July 25th – 26th.

With regard to active fire, Redding is now relieved, but the region is still aflame with 142,000 acres charred down to nothing.  Low humidity, winds, and an unstable atmosphere have increased fire activity.  Right now the fire is racing toward Trinity Dam Blvd in the hills to the west and 41% contained.

Dear Lord, we come to You again, thanking You for using the firefighters to save people from this fire.  We ask for extra strength for all the workers–for their breathing, their decision-making, their stamina, their families, and all their foxholes prayers . . . please put to all the wildfires. 

Instead, may our hearts be set on fire with Your life-giving love and may holy fires of revival replace our devastation, including our spiritual dryness. 

We pray again for Ed Bledsoe, Alyson Stoke, and the Smith family and for the 1300 families who have lost their homes.  Also for Governor Jerry Brown and all the leaders of insurance companies and everyone else this is impacting.

Thank You for the solace that comes to us in prayer.  We have hope in Christ.

In Jesus’ Name,


P.S.  Southwest of our area is the Mendocino fire which now ranks as California’s 7th worst wildfire with the Carr fire still at 6th — with both still growing as I type.



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