Monster Fire Doubled in Size

This, my second post, is occasioned by California’s ongoing fire catastrophe.

So here’s what I have learned. First of all, the number of homes devoured by the Carr fire in the Redding area is not yet accurately known, but it appears to be over 150. Whole neighborhoods have been wiped out.

Authorities have figured out that it is a plume-dominated fire. I read that that “pyrocumulus clouds” — such as the one towering above the Carr blaze Thursday — “form when the atmosphere above a fire plume is unstable, usually in the heat of the afternoon.” Every night in Redding, the temperature drops about 40 degrees. Because of this, the temperature drops cause “a collapse of the clouds at night, and that collapse creates downdrafts that can create dangerous conditions on the ground.” As a result, the fire has created its own micro-weather system within the fire. The wind is only 6 mph outside of the fire, but inside the fire it is blowing 30 mph to 60 mph, and sometimes the fire itself creates dry hurricanes of fire–like tornadoes. Those tornadoes are called “firenados,” and that is what I referred to yesterday in my first post.

Last night the fire almost doubled in size and moved primarily to the west, both northwest and southwest, devouring 80,000+ acres total. This wildfire is close to us–just west of I-5. We live slightly east of I-5 in Redding.

Since yesterday I think all of Redding has electric power again–that’s hugely helpful. Much of Redding is still operating, but Weaverville a small town west of here lost power and will probably not get it back for at least 5 days–very painful in 109 degree weather.

Also as I mentioned, inside the fire, there are fire bombs are going off. One of those bombs blew out the windows of a fire truck. My understanding is that the firefighter who mans that truck successfully rescued a person who did not evacuate.

I keep praying for the scientists and decision-makers. There just has to be some wisdom built into the cosmos that we have not discovered as of yet. How to beat this fire–there just has to be a way.

I’m also praying that California would humble itself. Our state is terribly wayward; we do not fear the Lord. Here’s one of many ironies: we have scoffed at the federal government, but now we are crying to those we scoffed at to give us massive, immediate help. To my knowledge, we have not humbled ourselves before people, much less God.

Please pray for our state government, along with all of us in California, including every Christian church and nonprofit, to be spiritually healed by the fires ravaging our state from southern to central to northern California.

The Carr fire, the fire threatening us in Redding, so far, like hell, cannot be quenched.

God can quench the fire, and I believe God will do that very soon when the appointed time comes.

Thank you again so much for your prayers.

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