Carr Fire near Redding: Day 8

Dear Friends,

The active fire is burning about 14 miles from our home (as opposed to 8.8 miles as before), so things look better for Redding. The Carr fire is still 80% out of control, but thankfully 20% contained. A few communities are repopulating such that two of our evacuees get to move back home. To my knowledge, none of our teammates in Right On Mission are displaced. Even so, one of my friends in Chicago has a friend in Redding whose home was utterly consumed. Over 700 homes have so far been devoured by this monster-like, dragon-breathing behemoth.

The fire is still growing (over 98,000 acres). Right now that means people in Trinity County (Redding is in Shasta County) are evacuating and experiencing a measure of horror.

The Carr fire is now the size of Denver.

Oh, Lord, please fill every person with a sense of Your Comforting Presence.
Help believers to understand that we “receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken” by any force whatsoever (Hebrews 12:28). Please for everyone to come to Christ through this and for us to be diligent to pray.

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